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The Fat Lady - Filming Day #5: A Memorable Milestone at Ann's Restaurant

Last Saturday, July 6th was our fifth day of filming for "The Fat Lady - She Just Wanted to be Called by Her Name," and it took place at the lovely Ann's Restaurant. The day consisted of about 6 hours of filming, an hour for lunch, and two hours for decorating and unpacking. I had only slept for four hours the night before, trying to put everything together, knowing it would be a long day with one of the biggest scenes involving many actors and extras.

The Fat Lady - Filming Day #5: A Memorable Milestone at Ann's Restaurant
That's a wrap!

Despite the challenges, we pulled it off perfectly. There was something in the air on this day that I couldn’t quite explain—a feeling of happiness and accomplishment. I wasn’t the only one feeling it; right after we wrapped up, I received messages from everyone sharing the same sentiment. There was something special about the day, a great sense of achievement.

This incredible day wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support of each cast and crew member, as well as local businesses like Ann's Restaurant, which kindly provided us with the location. Special thanks to the owner, Diana, who not only offered the space but also played one of the extras! 😉

As we continue this journey, we still need donations to complete the entire process of making this film. Please visit and support us. With three more days of filming to go, we need your collaboration to bring this story to life.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this project so far. Your support means the world to us!

Stay tuned for more updates,



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