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We are back!

Hi! This is Rita Avellar here, the creator and writer of The Fat Lady film. I want to share a quick story and some news.

Here is a video and you can also, read it below.

Since last year we've been posting about the short film project The Fat Lady here and there and how exciting this project is to me, as a writer and newbie filmmaker, but also, to everyone involved somehow and in different ways. As I mentioned once, it takes a village to raise funding for a film, even if it is a short film.

As we were approaching the funding party to raise the money to make a great film with the quality and care I always wanted for this story written in 2013, I received the news nobody wanted to receive, breast cancer. And then, everything went upside down in my personal life and of course, in my professional life. That was in June this year and since then, I started the treatment, which is expected to finish the whole process in March 2023.

When I was sure I will need to wait to finish the cancer process to continue with this dearest project, here comes a person that took my hand and said "hey, let me help you!". This person is my friend Taisa Mundy. She is a hands-on executive producer that likes to be involved in every step of the filmmaking process and has a long experience in different areas of the entertainment industry. Taisa started getting together other fierce women like her, to help me make this project happen. Because of this movement, a website dedicated to this short film project was created to concentrate all the information, news and of course, a way to donate to the film. You go here to learn more about each person in this powerful crew, that believes in the main message of this film: respect and acceptance of the different!

Feel free to share it with your friends! More news to come! Thank you!!

And don't forget! Please, donate now to our film!

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